A Letter from the Georgetown Police Department

The Gathering Place Mission has received a letter from Michael Bosse, the Chief of Police of the Georgetown Police Department.

The Chief wrote:

The Georgetown Police Department has worked very closely with The Gathering Place Mission for the past five years. The GPD has two officers assigned to work with the management of The Mission. Officer Justin Johnson is assigned to day shift, and Officer Mitch Lair is assigned to night shift, so The Mission has 24-hour access to their liaison officers. Both officers have a great heart for service, and both volunteered for the liaison positions. These officers help screen any clients that the mission may have concerns with. The liaison officers also keep contact with the mission’s management staff and help them problem-solve and prevent issues. We are very proud of our relationship with The Mission, and we feel through our liaison program that we have very good lines of communication.

The Gathering Place Mission provides an important service to our community’s less fortunate, but they are also very conscientious about their clients’ safety, and the safety of the entire Georgetown community. We couldn’t be prouder of the job that Officer Johnson and Officer Lair do with The Mission. We feel that our working relationship with The Gathering Place dramatically reduces calls for service to a minimum at that location and in surrounding areas. We know that our communication with The Mission prevents problems before they occur. The GPD will continue its relationship with The Gathering Place Mission because it has proven to be so beneficial to the entire Georgetown community.


Michael Bosse
Chief of Police

Here is a scan copy of the original letter: