Emmaus Kitchen

The EMMAUS KITCHEN has its name from the Emmaus story in LUKE 24: 13-35. In the story, Cleopas and his friend are able to recognize the resurrected Christ for who He is only after they had practiced the hospitality of welcoming Him to their home and sharing a meal. The idea is that by welcoming the stranger and breaking bread together, we experience the resurrected Christ!

One of the major goals of the Gathering Place Mission’s Emmaus Kitchen is to continue to be able to provide a hot meal to women, men, and children who would otherwise go without food. In 2016, we served over 13,000 meals which is an increase of over 2,500 from 2015.

  • A hot lunch is served starting at noon every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • A hot dinner is served starting at 6 PM every Tuesday and Thursday.