Men’s Shelter

What started out as “The Miracle on Bourbon Street” in 2011, has become a mission to share God’s plan and love for one another. The Men’s Shelter offers food, emergency shelter, case management, and service referrals to connect with appropriate resources and assists in meeting personal needs. Enabling a person to move from shelter dependency to self-efficiency in the Scott County community has become the result of this “Miracle”.

The shelter provides housing for men who do not have any other place to go due to financial or drug and alcohol related issues.

One of the major goals of The Gathering Place Mission is the continuation of emergency shelter for homeless men. In addition to providing shelter, we work closely with these men to transition them from being on the street to employment, and we encourage and support them to set and achieve long and short term goals.

Another goal of the Mission is to address drug and alcohol addiction within our community via open AA meetings, Celebrate Recovery, NA, and local agencies to transition those addicted back into normal life.

In summation: Our ultimate goal is to provide a place where individuals can find new hope and get back on their feet.

Click to enlarge a Thank-You note the Men’s Shelter received.